Marsh Creek, LLC

1 MW Mobile Powerhouse

In 2011, Marsh Creek provided BP Exploration with a design-build arctic-duty module for the north slope with the following features:

* Marsh Creek custom builds control panels and switchgear to UL 508A
* ARCTIC PACTM power modules can be listed as an assembly under ETL 2200
* 480V 3-phase power system with 1600A switchgear and integrated controls for genset and power distribution
* 1000 gallon spring-mounted double wall belly tank
* Interior 480V and 120/208V power systems powered via genset or shore power
* Installed Arctic flex and DLO (locomotive) cables listed for arctic and mobile applications
* Auxiliary 12v LED lighting for startup at remote sites
* 3 in 1 control cabinet with controls for HVAC, radiator fan, and load bank
* Custom stainless steel power interconnect box for facility, auxiliary power and shore power hookup
* 12v hydraulic landing gear with raise/lower push buttons and integrated control panel
* Fully contained radiator compartment with a 500 kW load bank located in front of radiator
* Aftercooler piping modified to accommodate radiator placement
* Custom stainless steel load bank control cabinet with 800 amp main buss work designed for accessibility, 
   easy replacement of internal components, and trouble-shooting
* Equipment and piping layout is designed to enable routine maintenance without major component removal
* The bulk-head diaphragm was designed to simplify piping removal for major repairs
* Custom-built folding aluminum snow hoods designed for easy transport, quick deployment onsite, 
  mobility and functionality with holding straps, and retractable arms to hold in position while in operation 
* All fuel and oil lines are stainless steel tubing with braided stainless steel flex sections

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