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Marsh Creek Chevron Truck Loading Facility Rev

Construction of Truck Loading Facility 

Swanson River Truck Loading Facility, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska 

 Marsh Creek constructed the Civil/Structural portion of a new crude oil truck loading facility at the Swanson River Oil Field on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska.  This project was on the fast track to be in functional use prior to a planned permanent shut down of the oil export pipeline serving the field.  The project included constructing a concrete sump/containment structure and building footings containing 200 cubic yards of high strength concrete in 2011.  The structure consisted of a custom structural steel building canopy to permit crude oil loading into tankers in a weather protected environment.



 Marsh Creek Bear Creek Facility

Bear Creek Facility Construction

Bear Creek Multi-Use Facility and Fire Station, Seward, Alaska 

 Marsh Creek was selected by the Kenai Peninsula Borough in a competitive bidding process for the construction of a new $4.7 million, 14,000 square foot fire station and multi-use facility in Seward, Alaska. The building was constructed in 2013-2014 and consists of 6 apparatus bays for fire truck parking and maintenance, office space, living quarters, kitchen facilities, a fitness shell and the inclusion of full facilities to support a functioning fire crew. In addition to constructing the building, this project included: 

        • Demolishing the existing structures
        • Relocating/rerouting and restoring an existing stream
        • Conducting site work to facilitate the new building
        • Excavating, grading, paving and concrete work


Marsh Creek Red Devil - Gabion baskets

Construction of a Sediment Trap and Gabion Basket Wier



  Red Devil Mine Interim Action, Red Devil Alaska 

 Marsh Creek was awarded the Red Devil Mine Interim Action through the Environmental Remediation Services contract with the USACE in 2014. The purpose of this project was to reduce transport of contaminated tailings sloughing from the banks of Red Devil Creek into the Kuskokwim River. The abandoned mine tailings were excavated to facilitate a creek realignment and sediment trap installation. While onsite Marsh Creek also excavated contaminated soil and performed maintenance and monitoring of an existing landfarm which had been constructed during a previous project. Site work included:

    • Clearing and grubbing
    • Excavating 5,000 cubic yards of tailings and placing in covered stockpiles
    • Constructing and placing gabion baskets
    • Installing erosion control blankets and performing site restoration
    • Excavating and placing 500 cubic yards of POL contaminated soil into an ongoing landfarm
    • Grading the site
    • Decommissioning of existing monitoring wells


   FAA IDIQ Contract 

Marsh Creek was awarded a 5 year IDIQ contract in 2010 with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for design, construction, decommissioning/demolition, environmental remediation and other engineering services in the FAA's Western Services Area. To date, 16 delivery orders have been awarded to Marsh Creek:


Marsh Creek construction of the Guam RTR Storage Facility

Construction of Truck Loading Facility 

  • Construction

        • Three projects in Guam; design/build of storage facility, replacing condensers, and installing and HVAC system
        • Replacing doors and windows in FAA housing in Cold Bay, Alaska 
        • Cleaning and inspecting a potable water tank in King Salmon, Alaska 
        • Replacing air conditioner on Middleton Island, Alaska Upgrading the electrical power  systems at the airports in St. Paul and Talkeetna Alaska 

Marsh Creek Excavator Demo of Roof 2

Demolition of the Nome Flight Service Station 



          • Demolishing navigational aids and structures at 14 sites throughout California
          • Demolishing a Flight Service Station (FSS) building, foundations, and towers, and decommissioning a well in Cold Bay, Alaska
          • Demolishing various structures including abestos abatment and removal of PCB electrical components in Klamath Falls, Oregon
          • Demolishing  a FSS including removal of a water tank, underground fuel tank, and septic tank and leach field in Nome, Alaska
          • Demolishing buildings and removing foundations in Seattle (Beacon Hill), Washington


Marsh Creek filling super sacks with contaminated soil

 Filling Supersacks with Contaminated Soil


  • Environmental Remediation

          • Excavating and disposing of petroleum hydrocarbon-contaminated soil and collecting soil samples at the FSS in Cold Bay, Alaska
          • Excavation and disposing of PCB and petroleum hydrocarbon-contaminated soil and collecting soil samples at the FSS in Nome, Alaska
          • Investigating a former tank area, digging test pits, and collecting soil samples in Seattle (Beacon Hill), Washington







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