Marsh Creek, LLC

2 MW Emergency Standby Powerhouse

  • *14’W x 12’H X 45’L VSM Mounted module with a 500 gallon day tank
    * 13,800 VAC Generator
    * Stainless steel tubing and flex for fuel and cooling systems
    * Customized fuel control panel for automatic fuel delivery
  • * Mechanically and electrically operated check valves for fuel fill
  • * Field connected power distribution for power/control systems
  • * Fully automated Detronics Fire System with fire, thermal, infrared, gas detection, and warning horns/strobes
  • * Emergency lighting for egress during power outage
  • * Custom HVAC/Radiator controls with atmostpheric controlled damper systems for environmental air recirulation/cooling
  • * Various field termination panels for remote observation and controls
  • * Separate radiator compartment with integrated expansion tank
  • * Reverse labeling and detailed wiring schematics of all systems installed
  • * Incorporated unistrut grid system for electrical/mechanical equipment support

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